Sunday, April 28, 2013

There, I did it again!  I ran down the rabbit hole.

It started with a trip to Salt Lake City last month, where I went to help one of my clients, Family History Expos, with their event at the Latter Day Saints (LDS) Library.  Because Holly Hansen had it under such great control, I was able to get in a few days of genealogical research.  One of the areas I had not researched before was the homeland of my paternal great-grandmother's parents, which is Norway.  Since there were many people there who could help me, who could resist?

This led me to generation, after generation, after generation of new ancestors.

Which led me to more research when I arrive back in Minnesota.

Which led me to

Which led me to the section where you can photograph graves in your area for people who have requested this on the site.

Which led me to a few new cemeteries near home which I didn't know existed.

Which then led me to

Where I then discovered there were other people like me who are absolutely fascinated by cemeteries!  Whew, what relief!

So I thought about all of my various experiences with cemeteries, wrote them down, and decided it was time to start a blog.  I hope you enjoy following me!

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